GlobalTT has many customers working in your domain
Depending on the size of your operation, we can recommend our

iFast VSat Shared Access (4:1 & 2:1)
iFast VSat Dedicated Capacity (1:1)
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Depending on your site size, you might need to connect different parts of the site together.

We offer different solutions based on the distance between your sites.
  • WiFi To connect devices close to the site - up-to 1.2 km with our Long Range solution
  • WiMax Mobile To connect WiMax compatible devices around the site - up-to 3.5km
  • WiMax Fixed PTP WiMax connection between offices - up to 10km, needs Line Of Sight
  • MicroWave Link To connect another office - from 5km to 30km, needs Line Of Sight
  • VSat Mesh Connection To connect another satellite site - anywhere in the satellite footprint
If power is an issue, our iFast VSat solution can be powered using Solar Panels
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For your video surveillance needs, we have different solutions, optimized for Satellite traffic.
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Our equipment is "plug-n-play" and can even be installed and activated 24/7 by yourself.
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