Dedicated Capacity

Dedicated point-to-point satellite connectivity with guaranteed bandwidth

GlobalTT SCPC/SCPC service is the answer for customers requiring dedicated point-to-point satellite connectivity with guaranteed bandwidth. The service connects remote sites to the Internet connectivity via high quality extremely powerful and close to unlimited possibilities satellite links. It perfectly meets the dedicated service needs of customers such as government, Oil & Gas, Mining, Embassies, camp compound, Militaries troops, UN, etc...

Digital modulation and advanced error correction codes including a third generation technology satellite modem offer consistent and high availability. GlobalTT SCPC/SCPC Service is designed to be scalable, and additional bandwidth can be provided anytime as needs grow, this is only a matter of sizing the equipment properly together.
  • Point-to-point Internet connectivity
  • Data rates up to 200 Mbps
  • Industry standard equipment using leading technologies powerful C-Band and Ku-Band service to deliver optimal performance
  • 24/7 support
  • Service available on many satellites with various geographical footprints
  • Dedicated, private and super-reliable Tier-1
  • Internet connectivity open 24/7
  • a dedicated pipe offering our fiber capacity out of Brussels directly to the field.
  • Fully transparent.

Regions covered

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