Satellite Internet in Africa with Unlimited Volume ( C-Band )

The unlimited shared access, is a subscription where you have the volume unlimited and the speed has to be chosen. This is regulated by the Fair Usage Policy.

Those subscription can be renewed 24/7 on our e-platform (e-commerce)

Regions covered



Dedicated High Capacity Contact us  

Included in your subscription :

  • Your connection is 2X faster outside office hours (including Sat & Sun )
  • Free Online monitoring
  • All traffic scanned by Antivirus/Antispam
  • Self-activation 24/7
  • Free subscription test ( for an easy upgrade )
  • Skype VOIP priority
  • Restrict to 64Kbps unwanted applications (gaming,p2p,streaming,...) using our interface
  • Multiple users access to our management interface

Options available:
  • On-demand bandwidth accelerator (upto 30Mbps depending on modem)
  • Public IP
  • Internet port forwarding
  • VPN (remote and Gateway to gateway)
  • Cloud VOIP, Cloud Email, Cloud webcam
  • check our Added Values for more upgrades

Boost your speeds for a short period time ( 5 minutes up to 4 hours)
Speeds up to 10.5 Mbps (5Mbps minimum) in download/1 Mbps in upload
- per 5 minutes : 3 €
- per 1 hour : 29 €

VSAT technologies used  : iFast

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