Satellite Internet Sailor Fleet One

The Inmarsat FleetOne was designed specifically to be an affordable broadband satellite communications solution for the leisure and fishing markets. 

With FleetOne you have the power of the Inmarsat network with very affordable airtime prices within a large “home zone.”

The Fleet One has max speeds of 100kbps, one dedicated phone line, and reliable coverage for leisure and fishing vessels.

The FleetBroadBand are more for bigger vessels or worldwide connectivity or higher data throughput.


  • Sailor FB150 -  150 kbps + phone budget +/- 5800$
  • Sailor FB250 -  284 Kbps + phone budget +/- 7900$
  • Sailor FB500 -  432 kbps + phone budget +/- 14900$
  • Sailor FleetOne – 100 Kbps + phone budget +/- 3500$


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