iFast ® (Pro Version)
Up to 30 Mbps
Data IP connectivity
Unique features & services

We cover all Africa, Middle East, Europe, Southern America, even oceans and seas !


Because 100% of the operations occur in-house, we can offer tailor-made solutions for the most unique situations !

TV/Radio Broadcasting, Load Balancing, VLans, and much more ....

GlobalTT is an European company headquartered in Brussels, Belgium, that provides simple and complex internet satellite solutions all over the world, mainly in Africa.
VSAT Ku-Band, Ka-Band and C-Band

As a private operator/teleport, we can provide more than 3 000 different subscriptions

VSAT Ku-Band, Ka-Band and C-Band

  • Popular all over Africa
  • Used by Companies, Embassies and NGO’s
  • 50 Mbps Rx / 24 Mbps Tx
  • Very high stability
  • 45 cm, 60cm 90cm 1.2m , 1.8m , 2.4m and 4.5m parabolic antenna
  • Easy to ship, to install
  • Available from stock
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