iFast ® (Pro Version)
Up to 50 Mbps
Data IP connectivity
Unique features & services
We cover all Africa, Middle East, Europe, Southern America, even oceans and seas !
Because 100% of the operations occur in-house, we can offer tailor-made solutions for the most unique situations !

TV/Radio Broadcasting, Load Balancing, VLans, and much more ....
VSAT internet & Voice, L-Band, C-Band, Ku-Band, Ka-band

  • Specialized for Africa,
  • Also maritime and terrestrial services worldwide
  • Adopted by businesses, embassies, and NGOs
  • 50 Mbps Rx and 25 Mbps Tx speeds
  • Satellite phone and portable internet available globally
  • Excellent service stability
  • Available with parabolic antennas in various sizes, ranging from 60cm to 4.5m
  • Easy installation and quick delivery
  • Products in stock for fast delivery.
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