VSAT Satellite Internet and Telephony Services, covering L-Band, C-Band, Ku-Band, and Ka-Band frequencies, enhanced by the latest Starlink and OneWeb technologies.


Initially focused on Africa, our services are now available globally, leveraging the latest innovations in Low Earth Orbit (LEO) and Geostationary Orbit (GEO) satellites.


Our solutions are applicable to fixed, maritime, portable, transportable, and aeronautical configurations worldwide.


They meet the needs of various sectors such as businesses, mining, oil and gas, agriculture, banking, retail, airports, diplomatic missions/embassies, the United Nations, and NGOs.


With over 30 years of experience in telecommunications and satellite technologies, we fully understand your requirements and respond with agility.


We ensure the rapid delivery of reliable and tested equipment, thus guaranteeing high-quality service and optimal customer satisfaction.

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  • Seamless Internet Connectivity

  • Unrestricted Professional Access: No limitations or restrictions

  • Fixed Installation Service

  • Exceptionally Reliable

  • Affordable Pricing

  • Readily Available from Stock

  • Speeds up to 50 Mbps Download / 25 Mbps Upload

  • Direct Satellite Link from Your Site to Our Brussels Gateway/Teleport Operation

  • Direct Connection to the European International Fiber Backbone

  • Fully Secured and Independent Network

  • Satellite Connectivity for Internet and Telephony

  • Global Coverage

  • Applications: Maritime, Aviation, Portable, Transportable, and Fixed

  • Connectivity via LEO (Low Earth Orbit) and GEO (Geostationary Earth Orbit) Satellites

  • Integrating Cutting-edge and Established Technologies

  • Comprehensive WiFi Coverage: Long-Range Indoor and Outdoor Solutions

  • Triple Frequency Band for Enhanced Connectivity

  • Equipped with the Latest Generation Technology

  • High Throughput for Optimal Performance

  • Private Intranet LAN/WAN Networking Solutions

  • Versatile Access Options: Professional, Guest, and Hotspot

  • Extended Range of Over 1.5 Kilometers
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