Satellite Internet BGAN

Broadband Internet Satellite

GlobalTT provides all over the world, a new small  satellite mobile & portable internet  equipment and services,  name the Inmarsat BGAN who delivers seamless satellite network coverage across most of the world's landmass but specialize over Africa  by GlobalTT .

The Users are able to get broadband internet satellite access wherever they go in remote places.  The Inmarsat Satellite BGAN  service is currently accessible  and operational  in Africa, Europe,  Middle East (EMEA), Asia, North and South America.

The  Inmarsat satellite BGAN is extremely reliable all over Africa much cheaper and easier  than any other technology,  fully portable , independent of the country you are in , and extremely easy to set-up and use.

This BGAN L-Band Inmarsat  satellite internet  technology is perfect for medium and short stay or back-up any were in the world and easy for Africa.

The BGAN offer an internet connectivity at +/-500 Kbps, a one(1) voice satellite connectivity and a WIFI hotspot Access all for up to 3 to 5 computer depending the  internet applications.

The BGAN is a satellite technology operating over the Inmarsat worldwide network fine tune by GlobalTT for the Africa , Europe and Middle-East, delivered by us fully tested , fully secured fully operational ( hardware and  satellite service access)

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  • Portable, lightweight
  • Simultaneous voice and broadband data
  • Easy to use
  • Supports all major VPN products
  • 6 different terminals available

  • Global Coverage
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Sub-Sahara 30GB SAC-C Plans*
3 Months
12 Months
Class 1 Device 
(Hughes 9201, Explorer 710 )
1 390 USD / month

1 180 USD / month
Class 2 Device 

(Hughes 9202, Explorer 510)
1 670 USD / month

1 670 USD / month

*  Covers Africa. 
Some exceptions apply (Sudan, Somalia, All North African Countries).
Roaming works in all sub-Saharan countries.
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