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Main switch : +32 10 39 50 70
Main switch : +32 10 48 56 00
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Main switch : +32 10 39 50 70
Email :

10 Rue Lenoir
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About GlobalTT/IPSEOS


Based in Brussels, GlobalTT-IPSEOS has over 30 years of experience in the field of telecommunications, including VSAT technology in Ku, C, L, and Ka bands, both in Africa and globally.

Specialization and Stable Technology:

We specialize in GEO VSAT satellite connectivity, offering direct links from your field sites to our infrastructure and gateway based in Brussels, connected to our high-speed optical fiber network (EU).

Risk Mitigation:

In a context of volatile connectivity, relying solely on terrestrial fibers carries risks. Recent incidents, such as the severance of several WACS fiber cables and others in West Africa and near Yemen, have highlighted the vulnerability of traditional internet routes.

Coverage by New Low Earth Orbit (LEO) Satellites:

We also offer services via recent LEO satellites, such as Starlink and OneWeb. These promising and easy-to-install technologies can nevertheless be subject to interruptions due to the location of their gateways/teleports.


GlobalTT-IPSEOS (BE) excels in its ability to provide all types of satellite solutions, offering connectivity via geostationary (GEO) and low Earth orbit (LEO) satellites, ensuring either a direct link to Europe connected to a powerful meshed fiber backbone, or a more local link via LEO satellites.


Enjoy continuous service, independent of local infrastructures or geopolitical tensions, or simply to ensure completely confidential communications. Your communications on our internet circuits remain secure, reliable, and private, independent of any local network.

Comprehensive Options:

Satellite: We offer a wide range of satellite connectivity options, including complete redundancy solutions using multiple secondary satellites simultaneously.
Wireless: We also offer state-of-the-art long and medium-range WiFi solutions, ensuring total access security and cybersecurity for site users and their guests.


With more than 30 years of experience in the field of satellites and telecommunications, we guarantee 100% stable connectivity and solutions tailored to your needs, under all circumstances with local technical support.

Ready to Secure Your Future in Communication?

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For inquiries in English, call +32 10 39 50 70; for French, dial +32 10 48 56 00.

Experience the Difference:

Discover the reliability and security of GlobalTT-IPSEOS (BE).

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