The opening hours are:
(Winter time GMT+1 - Brussels)
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9:00 am - 6:00 pm

Main switch : +32 10 39 50 70
Main switch : +32 10 48 56 00
Email :

Main switch : +32 10 39 50 70
Email :

10 Rue Lenoir
Parc scientifique Einstein
B-1348 Louvain-La-Neuve

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About GlobalTT/IPSEOS

More than 30 years of experience in the field of satellite telecommunications and 20 years in internet by satellite.


• GlobalTT/IPSEOS is a Belgian company based in Brussels, Belgium, which provides simple and complex Internet and telephony ety Broadcast satellite solutions and services, all over the world, mainly in Africa.

• Founded in 1994, GlobalTT constantly develops new solutions to offer the best and most secure services to its customers.

• We are one of the very few satellite operators and satellite access providers to have all our operations and all our departments on the same site.

• As a private satellite earth station, GlobalTT performs 100% of its operations and control on a single site (antennas, fibers, bandwidth platform, security, “support” team, NOC, “sales” team, logistics, software and hardware developers, quality control, 24/7 monitoring, stock, management, etc.)

• GlobalTT has advantages and options that you won't find anywhere else! As an operator, GlobalTT/IPSEOS uses and directs the bandwidth of 10 satellites to cover the regions of its customers – in Ka-Band, Ku-Band and C-Band for Africa and in C-Band for the Middle -East.

• This type of configuration and organization gives us the unique advantage of being able to manage all of our operations very quickly, very efficiently and extremely precisely. And therefore, to offer a very high quality service to all of our subscribers

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