Video Surveillance

Need to remotely control or authorize access to your sites (outside or inside locations) ?
Not a problem with our video surveillance solutions based on state-of-the-art face recognition software. How does it work? setup a local database for allowed personnel on your site or use a public watchlist for known criminals to increase security on your sites.

Video Conference

Need to organize team meetings, a job interview or a live webinar?
Not a problem with our video conference solutions based on the DVD-S2 SCPC technology.

Connection Fail-Over

With our Fail-Over features, if your landline connection breaks down, our satellite services will instantly take over and provide internet access; eliminating the threat of an internet black out on your site.
This feature is designed on a pay per usage concept, which means you will only be charged once the connection is switched and you will pay just what you use. This is a great tool to have for a guaranteed internet connection on your site.

Connection Load-Balancing

If you already have an internet connection but fear it is not reliable or you simply want a different internet breakout, you can use our Load-Balancing services. These will automatically dispatch your traffic over your two connections based on network availability and/or based on your traffic preferences (protocols, endpoints). This is a great tool to have for a guaranteed internet connection on your site.

Drone and Satellite Vsat

• We did the integration for some of our Drone connected to our ground station – satellite and console.
• Our Vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) drone are in AES256 encrypted radio connected to the ground
• Telemetry and video are received life encrypted
• Our satellite internet solution Flyaway or Vehicle transmit the data from the console to a remote headquarter
• Our drone can do surveillance, day and night, fly automatically, autonomy of 12 hours or more, 150 Km range, come back home.

Medical Kit and assistance over satellite

• Satellite internet solution fixed for medical assitance
• Satellite transportable flyaway or Vehicle for medial camp in the field
• Connect it to our medical advanced box
• Do the diagnostic
• And receive the support form a remote doctor easily connected to our medical equipment box
• Make a quick and precise diagnostic
• Help the people on the ground

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