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Why Choose GlobalTT ?


Why choose a satellite internet connection in Kurmuk ?

In some remote and developing areas in Kurmuk , having a reliable internet connection can quickly become a challenging task given the many local limitations.

With a high speed internet connection from GlobalTT (vsat), you can settle anywhere in Kurmuk without worrying about the stability, reliability and security of your internet connection.


Local Provider

Reliability and Stablility
GlobalTT : 99.98% availibility based on a Service Level Agreement.
Local Provider : Frequents cuts of service due to local constraints (geographical, political, etc).
Privacy and Security
GlobalTT : Your data is protected and confidential under EU data privacy laws.
Local Provider : Limited regulations on how your data is accessed and managed.
GlobalTT : Free of any government interferences.
Local Provider : Ususally state owned or managed.
GlobalTT : Free remote assistance and online help.
Local Provider : On site interventions are easier to arrange.
Competite Advantage
GlobalTT : One Provider with no intermediary companies.
Local Provider : Lower latency with lower costs of service.

Our Satellite Internet Solutions

We provide a wide range of connectivity solutions for any business needs in Kurmuk.

Looking for a fixed or transportable internet solution? FInd out more about our services in C, Ku, Ka. L Bands.

In need of mobility ? FInd out more about satellite phones solutions (Iridium, Thuraya, Inmarsat) or our transportable antennas (Flyaway and Kymeta antennas).


Our Satellite IP Services

We offer many different IP services to better support you in your professional projects.
Looking to implement VoIP or Video Conference ? We help you set it up easily and rapidly on your satellite connection. 

Want to create a hotspot network ? Nothing easier with our Cloud Solution.  Create, manage your hotspot directly from your Customer Portal; easily and efficiently. Click on more information to find out more about our IP solutions in Kurmuk.


Why a Satellite Internet Connection at GlobalTT

Our teleport is located in Belgium where all our operations are based for better efficiency and control (Watch us Live).

We have been working in the satellite industry since the early 1990s and have plenty of experience to share ! Our service catalog is designed to answer any of your business needs in the Kurmuk.

Unique projets require unique solutions. If you need a tailor-made solution, it is never a problem ! We will happily design it with you.
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