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Why Choose GlobalTT/IPSEOS for your Satellite Internet Connectivity in Vitis ?

Businesses, NGOs, Embassies and projects in many regions of Vitis struggle with internet access. GlobalTT/IPSEOS, a seasoned satellite operator with over 30 years of experience in Africa, provides reliable solutions to overcome these challenges. With reliable connectivity, protection against cyber-attacks, optimized management of internet applications and doubled speed outside of work hours, you can trust us to meet your communication needs.

GlobalTT/IPSEOS, known for its expertise in satellite communications in Africa and the Middle East, is the reliable solution for businesses, NGOs, Embassies and projects looking to establish satellite internet connectivity in Vitis .

GlobalTT/IPSEOS (Vsat) in Vitis and Africa

    • Reliability & Stability: 99.99% satellite availability SLA and Teleport/Gateway, with fiber backup
    • Unlimited Services: No volume limitations
    • Security & Confidentiality: Data protected and confidential in compliance with European privacy laws
    • Reliability: Equipment is thoroughly tested and "aged" before being delivered, configured and programmed
    • Independent: Free from government intervention, providing independent communications no matter where you are located
    • Cybersecurity: Our satellite links are fully protected at our teleport operations against cyber attacks
    • Assistance: Free remote assistance and online support 7/7
    • Advantage: Single provider for hardware, service, and connectivity, no intermediaries
    • The Best: As the operator, we offer the best prices with no intermediaries

Worldwide Solution:

    • Local solutions often have frequent service disruptions and lack explanation
    • Regular damage to local or international fiber

    • Local GSM operator service is often limited to 99% by volume

    • Local operator shares connectivity with other international operators, resulting in a non-dedicated end-to-end link

    • No protection against cyber attacks


Our fixed, mobile, transportable, portable and maritime satellite solutions

  • Discover our fixed, mobile, transportable, portable and maritime satellite solutions for businesses, NGOs and diplomatic posts in Vitis and across Africa, and now worldwide.

  • Looking for a stable or deployable internet solution? We offer services in C, Ku, Ka, and L bands.

  • Need mobility? We have portable satellite phone and internet solutions (Iridium, Thuraya, Inmarsat) and lightweight and powerful transportable solutions with over 10 Mbps capacity (Flyaway, Kymeta, Satcube).

  • Operating on a river, at sea or on a ship? We have satellite telecommunications (VSAT-Ku or Iridium Thuraya, Iridium), voice and maritime internet solutions to meet your needs, either near the coast or for global coverage.


IP Vsat Services via Satellite for Vitis:

  • Satellite-based VoIP and Video Conferencing

  • Medical solutions integrated with our Vsat network

  • High-resolution facial recognition security cameras (UHD) for day and night use

  • Long-endurance drones (45 minutes to 3 hours) with satellite Vsat interconnection on our network

  • Easy creation of Vsat-satellite hotspots with medium and long-range coverage, both paid and free, from your cloud-based customer interface

  • 1.5 Kwatt to 5 Kwatt backup battery with fast and easy to install solar panels Discover all our enterprise IP satellite Vsat solutions for Vitis and across Africa, and their advantages by clicking here, and now also solutions for the entire world.

Why choose GlobalTT/IPSEOS for your  Vsat IP satellite services?

 Location of our teleport and operations near Brussels in Belgium to ensure high quality service and control

All our satellite operations, support, equipment preparation, logistics, stock, sales, finance, management, and decisions are managed on our unique site

Extensive experience in the satellite industry since the 90s

A catalog and range of services designed to meet all your needs

Unique service solutions for unique projects

An understanding of on-the-ground needs and a response tailored to your expectations Click here to discover our site and learn more about our IP satellite services for Vitis and the whole of Africa.

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