GlobalTT Private Satellite internet Operator, opens up important markets in Europe, Africa, Middle-East, Central Asia and the Caribbean and will be of particular interest to ISPsgovernment organizationsinternational corporationsoil, mining, agriculture, aviation, etc.... companies, and anyone looking to expand his business out of countries where limited terrestrial infrastructures.


Our Vsat satellite’s advanced technologies design and power provide Internet Services Satellite high data transmission rate to smaller dish (VSAT) than usual, with exceptional reliability and availability, even in areas that experience extreme weather conditions.

    •  Private Satellite internet Ground earth Station/Teleport, Operator
    •  More than 25 years experience as a V-Sat(VSAT) operator
    •  Extensive network of authorized resellers and installers
    •  Internet satellite service (DVB-S2 ACM SCPC)
    •  NOC, support, sales, R&D, maintenance located in our facilities
    •  Multiple Ku-Band and C-Band antennas
    •  Multiple Backbone Fiber (1 Gbps )
> One African V-Sat installed and starting every 4 hours
> More than 2 Billion people are under our satellite internet Footprint
> We have more than 3 000 V-Sat(Vsat) installed all over Africa
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