TV Broadcasting Services

TV satellite distribution involves using satellites to directly transmit TV content signals to homes and businesses around the world.
This broadcasting service provides a means to distribute TV signals over a large area, including remote locations where traditional broadcasting infrastructure may not be available.

Satellite TV distribution enables viewers to access a diverse range of programming from different countries, including live events, news, movies, and TV shows.
The technology used for this service is a cost-effective way of distributing content, particularly for private communities. It makes it possible for people and communities to access TV programming even in areas without traditional terrestrial broadcasting.

TV satellite distribution has had a significant impact on the television industry, particularly with regards to content production and creation. It has opened up new opportunities for viewers and providers, increased competition and choice, and reduced distribution costs.

Moreover, the GlobalTT satellite coverage makes audiences available anywhere under our satellite footprint.

To receive the satellite broadcast content from your private TV production, all that is needed is a simple, very low-cost 90cm satellite DTH dish. We also, from our operation in Brussels handle the transmission of your source content TV studio to our transmission gateway/teleport in Belgium for broadcasting through our GlobalTT satellite and  cover the required area and final sites.
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