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Satellite Vehicle IP Solution


    • Satellite internet
    • Antenna diameter: 60cm, 75cm, 90cm 1.2m.
    • Up to 50 Mbps/ 6 Mbps - satellite dependent
    • Different subscriptions available.
    • Tracks the satellite as soon as the vehicle is stationary
    • Works on any Ku-Band or C-Band (T11n) satellite
    • Reliable equipment at low cost, can be mounted on any vehicle Blanket


Our vehicle mounted antenna is capable of handling critical bandwidth Satcom Vsat iFast applications such as Oil & Gas, Telemedicine, Disaster Management and Emergency Response.

Governments and militaries worldwide are using this highly sophisticated antenna for guarantying their communication while on the field . Our  Auto-deploy VSAT is also reliably operated in the outer limits of the satellite foot prints.

Operation mainly in Ku-band using a 1.2meter size dish

We do also offer a smaller antenna such as a 90 cm dish

The C-band antenna of 1.8m size and 2.4meter  is available to operate on our global satellite footprint
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