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Internet technology straight from the Fiber in Europe

  • GlobalTT, more than 20 years of internet satellite experience

    GlobalTT is an European company headquartered in Brussels, Belgium, that provides simple and complex intrenet satellite solutions all over the world, mainly in Africa.

    GlobalTT was founded in 1994 developing new solutions and on-site work ever since to provide the finest and secure service to their clients. As a private satellite earth station,

    GlobalTT operate 100% of operation/control is on a same site (antennas, fiber links, broadband platform, security, support team, NOC, sales team, logistics, software & hardware developers, quality control, 24/7 monitoring, management, stock, etc…).  

    Developing exclusive added-values and options you won't find anywhere else! As an operator, GlobalTT use and manage the brandwith of 10 satellites to cover clients areas on Ku-band/C-band over Africa, Ku-band over Middle-East and Ka-band over Europe. 

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iFast ® (Pro Version)
upto 30Mbps
Data IP connectivity
Unique features & services


Because 100% of the operations occur in-house, we can offer tailor-made solutions for the most unique situations !

TV/Radio Broadcasting, Load Balancing, VLans, and much more ....

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