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ISatphone 2

  • A rugged handset
  • the life of the unsurpassed battery
  • excellent quality "voice"
  • the reliability you expect from the leading supplier of mobile satellite communications - IsatPhone 2 offers everything!
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Explorer 500

  • The Thrane&Thrane Explorer 500
    combines exceptional performance with portability . It meets the needs of the most discerning travelers.
  • Speeds : upto 448/467 Kbps
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Explorer 710

  • UltraPortable & ultra-fast Satellite terminal compatible with the Inmarsat HDR service( High Data Rate). Ideal for intense use or live video broadcasting.
  • Speeds: upto 492 Kbps
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Hughes 9202

  • Hughes 9202 is a reliable , lightweight and portable terminal sporting a compact and elegant design. This terminal allows users to send and receive IP traffic via Ethernet and Wi-Fi
  • Speeds: upto 468Kbps
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Explorer 727

  • The EXPLORER 727 has been developed to have a broadband connection while in motion.
  • Speeds: upto 492Kbps
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  • Inmarsat IsatHub was designed to provide smartphones, tablets or laptops computers perfect wireless connectivity anywhere in the world regardless of existing cellular or fixed networks.
  • speeds up to 384 Kbps / 240 Kbps (download and upload)
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