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Added Values - Global Interface

Global Interface

As an iFast customer, you have access to a private webpage called Global Interface (GI).

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This completely free service, enables you to:

  • check your station’s broadband traffic
  • see the Internet protocols used
  • see the quota remaining on your Quota account
  • buy a refill or renew the subscription of your V-Sat
  • get a summary status of your SkyOne-IP / iFast station(s)
  • manage your consumption
  • and much more…

Added Values - OffPeak

Double speed during the night

Every night, twice your subscription speed, for free

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  • Dual(2x) speed off-peak time
  • Your local off-peak time
  • You get twice(2x) the receive speed automatically
  • Working daily and the full WE Saturday and Sunday
  • This feature is unique and the speed is changed and adapted for offering twice the receive speed daily , all manage by our server
  • This feature and added value is unique

Added Values - Debugging Tools

Debugging Tools

With GlobalTT's Global Interface (subscriber web page) you can :

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  • trace your IP traffic;
  • check your satellite Internet speeds
  • consult the V-Sat online technical solution / troubleshooting list
  • remotely do a level measurement (eB/No) of your V-Sat antenna
  • download free helpful softwares that have all been tested and validated by GlobalTT:
    • Anti-virus
    • Spyware
      removes the little spy and dangerous programs
    • Disk and register cleaner and repairer
    • Monitoring system
      allows you to see the applications opened on the computer and what they are using
    • Disk defragmenter system
    A “ping” tool is available on GlobalTT’s website. It helps you validate that your broadband Internet connection is working and enables you to test the delay of your satellite connection.

Monitoring Tools

Check your detailed connection usage with our Web Interface

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Monitor easily your satellite Internet connection on our Global Interface (subscriber web page):

  • Get graphs with your bandwidth, the protocols opened and the number of used Gbytes per application.
  • Monitor all IP traffic
  • Track all IP traffic
Have a clear view of the used and remaining Gbytes of your quota subscriptions.

Added Values - Satellite Virtual Network Operator

Satellite Virtual Network Operator

Become a reseller

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The Satellite Virtual Network Operator is a service for active resellers (only).
With a webinterface hosted by the GlobalTT server, you appear as a satellite operator and manage your clients’ broadband and Internet consumption.

  • Reseller will control remotely the GlobalTT ground station
  • Free access to the service
  • No investment
  • The full platform is now available and working for you under YOUR name
  • Plug and Play modems: fully configured, no loading needed
  • Prepaid subscription management
  • Monitoring tool management
  • Debugging tool management
  • All names, logo will be under the label, the color of the reseller who’s the “S.V.N.O.®”


Activate your VSat 24/24h

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Activate your V-Sat when YOU want to ! No appointment required to activate a SkyOne-IP / iFast station

  • Self V-Sat alignment
  • Find easily the best levels (Eb/No)
  • Receive automatically a written confirmation (e-mail) from our Teleport server for the type approval-commissioning/activation of your V-Sat station
  • Service operational 24/7 (anytime, any day, no appointments, no phone calls, no e-mails, no relation with a NOC)
  • Access the service even from the remote V-Sat you need to activate.

Your satellite Internet subscription is activated immediately.
Self commissioning

Added Values - Upgrade test

Free tests to upgrade

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Your broadband use has changed and you require a subscription upgrade ? We give you the possibility to do 3 free subscription tests.
Conditions :

  • Only towards 3 different higher subscriptions then yours ; 
  • Tests are available once every 6 month but condition falls if you upgrade your satellite Internet subscription inbetween ;
  • Tests take place three days in row ;
  • All tests start at the same time each day and for 6 hours each;
  • Tests are not available for expired service/subscriptions. 

Added Values - Subscription

Subscription test for several days

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  • Longer subscriptions tests (3, 4 or 5 days).
  • For one subscription.
Added Values - VLAN


Isolate your LANs

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  • For multiple subscriptions behind a Vsat (up to 8 sub-Vsat).
  • Enables many different LAN links with separate IP and rules.
Added Values - Global Interface

Paypal payment

Online payments

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Credit card and Paypal payments will soon be available for any transactions like equipment or service purchase

Added Values - Backup

Back up unit concept

very fast connection switchover

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The Cisco® IP V-Sat Module + GlobalTT combination provides a complete hardware and broadband connectivity solution. The solution is composed of a Cisco satellite network module hardware component that is integrated with a Cisco router and a network service subscription offered by GlobalTT.
The Cisco IP V-Sat Module solution as a back-up/disaster recovery connectivity available on V-Sat, with near-instantaneous switchover time.

  • Redundancy
  • Back-up
  • Security
  • Reliable regular Internet leased or shared access

Added Values - Modem swapping

Modem swap

Swap your broken modem with another one from stock

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One of your modems has been struck by lightning and you have another modem in stock/not used?
We allow modem swaps so that:

  • You are back online as soon as possible;
  • You continue with the same broadband subscription, with the same end dates, etc.
Only available between stations of a same customer.

Added Values - Modem swapping

Start/Stop Anytime

For stations that don't need 24/7/365 connectivity

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  • 24hrs initial access then by 6 hours blocks
  • Stop anytime
  • Pay only what you use
  • Available only on our iFast African Ku network

Our OPTIONAL added values

Added Values - Access List

Access List

Limit internet access for some users

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Do you sometimes want to authorize the Internet access for specific applications only ?
Our Access list option is the solution !
  • Option giving a limited access
  • Choose and reduce the usage of the Internet access to:
    • Some specific "ports"
    • Some specific "days"
    • Some specific "hours"
  • Access only to (as an example):
    • SMTP
    • HTTPS
    • specific IP address and specific websites
    • specific applications

Added Values - Hotsopt


Sell WiFi access

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Dedicated access service, connect to the GlobalTT HotSpot Captive Portal (Long or Medium Range) to offer rural wireless broadband.

Features [ WiFi ]
  • 600m Range ( Line Of Site) / 1.2km with repeater
  • Prepaid Internet Access
  • Same Pin Code / Scratch Card / Voucher for travellers
  • Secure access
  • Roaming available between V-Sat HotSpot sites
Features [ WiMax ]
  • 20km Range ( Line Of Site)
  • Frequencies ( 2.4 , 3.6Ghz, 4.9Ghz, 5.8Ghz, ... )
  • Bandwidth Management
  • 54Mbps aggregate
  • CPE required (Client equipment)
  • Prepaid Voucher-card / Code
View Hardware
Added Values - Virtual Private Network


Virtual Private Network

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  • A point to point communication.
  • The communication is encrypted when it passes through the Internet
  • GlobaltTT provides you totalsecurity with special rules for your VPN only

Nobody else except you can access into your VPN !
=> It’s totally secured

Added Values - Interconnection - Double Hop


Connect different sites

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  • Interconnection service between two (2) iFast stations.
  • Satellite double hop :

    V-Sat1 (Africa) --> Satellite --> GlobalTT --> Satellite --> V-Sat2 (Africa)

  • Round trip delay = +/- 1200 milliseconds
  • Necessary for FTP applications, PCAnywhere, Telnet, ping, applications client/server, …)
Added Values - Public IP

Public IP option

Public IP

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  • The Public IP option replaces the Private IP address
  • The first 4 Public IP addresses are static, so only 1 is available for your LAN
  • Possible 4 extra Public IP addresses available (only with GlobalTT's agreement)
Added Values - MPN

Group MPN Manage Private Network


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  • Intended for a group of V-Sat in a company on the same footprint.
  • It guarantees a very high quality of service for this group.
Added Values - Back-up

Back-up or disaster subscription

Internet FailOver by Satellite

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  • Satellite access connection available just in case the other existing Internet solution fails.
  • 3 different speeds available (1Mbps, 2Mbps or 3Mbps).
Added Values - Booster-Accelerator

The Booster


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  • Boost your Internet speeds upto 10.5Mbps
Added Values - Booster-Accelerator

Temporary speed upgrade (on-Demand)


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Increase your speed , do an upgrade on your existing subscription for a couple of days only
Get the extra capacity on-demand when necessary
No longer pay a full subscription, 100% of the time
In case you do not need the upgrade anymore we refund you.

 This feature is unique and manage from our subscriber web interface
Accessible from any internet connection and from your iFast vsat as well

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