Les heures d'ouvertures sont:
(Winter time GMT+1 - Brussels)
(Summer time GMT+2 - Brussels)

9:00 am - 6:00 pm

Tel : +32 10 48 56 00
Fax : +32 10 48 56 20
Email :

10 Rue Lenoir
Parc scientifique Einstein
B-1348 Louvain-La-Neuve

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About Us

Description of our Satellite internet Teleport operation site

  • Located in the Einstein Scientific Parc of Louvain-La-Neuve very close to Brussels
  • More than 1,000 sqm² of offices, laboratories and operation center
  • One hectare of land/plot, where the antennas are installed an operating
  • 8 main transmitting antennas for our operations (11m, 9m, 6.3m, 4.3m, 3.8m etc.):
    • C-Band and Ku-Band
    • More than 25 antennas for tests and redundancy (2.4m, 1.8m) in C-Band and Ku-Band
  • Redundancy/Back-up on all equipment
  • Maintenance : less than 4 hours of reaction 24/7 on all the teleport critical equipment
  • All equipment are under monitoring and alarm 24/7 and self-auto-maintenance
  • Energy resources (4 hours autonomy UPS) and main energy feed coming from a high power redundant loop
  • Security (guards, alarm, webcam, weather prediction and monitoring systems)
  • Tracking systems on the antennas (Satellite monitoring)
  • Antenna de-icing (down to – 25° C)
  • Active maintenance of the whole site with high prevention on a daily basis
  • Connection to redundancy BackBone Fibers : 1.2 Gbps per fiber Loop and excellent peering agreement

This type of configuration and organisation gives us the unique advantage of being able to manage all our operations very rapidly, efficiently and precisely.

Therefore, it enables us to offer a high quality service, fast reaction, a good flexibility, and specific solution when necessary to all our corporate clients.

GlobalTT Teleport webcam
Teleport Operation Live
3x webcam & Local Weather Report

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