As an European satellite operator, we provide flexible internet solutions
our solutions
Ka - Ku - C-Band
UP TO 30 Mbps

Internet technology straight from the Fiber in Europe

  •  GlobalTT is a private satellite earth station located in Brussels / Belgium.
  •  100% of operation/control are on a one single same site (antennas, fiber links, broadband platform, security, support team, NOC, sales team, logistics, software & hardware developers, quality control, 24/7 monitoring, management, stock, etc…)
  • Our service are clearly internet Vsat satellite service and satellite broadband
  • Any solution required for your location to offer a reliable V-Sat fix, or transportable or maritime Vsat SCPC or shared access internet connectivity can be easily supply by us for anyplace in Africa or Middles-East or Europe but also for centra-America or Asia.
  • Any Maritime vessel or boat or Offshore application is also part of the VSAt satellite internet solution we can offer.
  •  Service focused only on SOHO/SME, industries, NGO's, local ISP / carriers / operators, Oil & Gas, mining, aviation, agriculture companies, etc...
  •  We also have unique added-values, you won't find anywhere else! Realtime monitoring, private subscriber web site, more than 50 possibilities…

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iFast ® (Pro Version)
upto 30Mbps
Data IP connectivity
Unique features & services

We cover All of Africa, Middle East, Europe, Southern America, even oceans and seas !

Because 100% of the operations occur in-house, we can offer tailor-made solutions for the most unique situations !

TV/Radio Broadcasting, Load Balancing, VLans, and much more ....

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