Technical services

Advanced Encryption offers government-standard AES encryption with its services for advanced over-the-air security for your data (call for more info).

VPN Accelerator
Using external l solutions (VPNA) and built-in capabilities (key licence in each modem), can provide accelerated VPN-ipsec solutions to dramatically boost performance.

Internet Page Accelerator™ s built-in Internet Page Accelerator technology speeds up Internet browsing performance by intelligently pre-fetching HTTP requests and providing a superior web browsing experience.

SSL accelerator
Unlike other satellite services, is able to transparently accelerate Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) requests to provide excellent performance for browsing secure web pages.

TCP accelerator dramatically improves IP network performance through intelligently accelerating TCP acknowledgement messages and increasing data throughput.

SNMP support VSAT terminals support the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), enabling advanced network monitoring and management. All passing through our private web page subscriber the Global Interface(GI)

Transparent compression
For the very best in network performance, transparent data compression can be applied to VSAT networks for multi-layer acceleration.
FTDMA access's VSATs use a unique frequency-and-time division multiplexing scheme to use bandwidth more efficiently and protect against outages
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