Interface d'abonnés
En tant que client  iFast , vous avez accès à notre interface de contrôle appelée Global Interface (GI).

Station Viewer

Monitor your VSAT modem directly from the GI. You can view the status and configuration of your modem, the antenna alignment details (rx, tx), the alerts, your subscription, its usage and much more

Traffic and Bandwidth analysis tools

Monitor your internet usage directly from the GI. You can view your connection usage by speed, applications and volume without the need for local devices (FW, traffic shaper, ...). You can easily view your usage by Categories of Applications or if you want more details by individual applications and protocols. As it provides different levels of information based on your expertise, this powerful tool helps you understand how your connection is used without the need for IT knowledge. All of that in just one tool.

Application Management

Manage your traffic and save up to 65% bandwidth by prioritizing applications directly from the GI. This tool runs on advanced state-of-the-art technology hosted at our Teleport, eliminating the need for local management devices (FW, traffic shaper, ...) and reducing local IT costs and infrastructure.
This tool is designed for everyone and doesn’t require any IT knowledge.

You can easily manage your usage by using pre-defined templates or you can set up your own preferences on Categories of Applications or if you want more control, you can choose by applications and protocols.
For example, block all windows update during the day is a great way to save bandwidth and ensures a great quality of experience to your users.

Online Commissioning

Commission your satellite modem at anytime of the day directly from the GI. This process is fully automated at our teleport and can be done locally or remotely from anywhere in the world giving you complete freedom in how you perform the installation.

Subscription and Add-ons Management

Renew, Upgrade or Test any subscription you want directly from the GI. You have full control on your subscription, from auto-renewal and add-ons all the way to payment preferences. Easily download your invoices or view your next due payment all in one place.
These tools are designed to provide flexibility; from backup connection to temporary bandwidth upgrade, upgrade your subscription for just the time you need anytime you want and only pay for what you use; all of that in just a click.


Create a hotspot access for some of your users directly from the GI. This powerful tool creates a separate subscription and redirects your hotspots users to our captive portal at the Teleport. You create and manage all the vouchers securely on the GI.

Online Tools

Control and Troubleshoot your satellite link directly from the GI. Use our PING or Network Discovery tool to scan your LAN network. Monitor your antenna alignment over time and find out all the pointing information for your site easily with our online Satellite Angle Calculator.

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