Why Vsat - Why GlobalTT.com Solution

GlobalTT.com offers  VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal satellite) connectivity, and is committed to offering our customers honest, factual information to help them make their technology and subscription choices. Most IT/networking professionals are familiar with the benefits of various wireline technologies like DSL or Frame Relay, but may not be as familiar with the strengths and weaknesses of satellite connectivity.
Key Strengths of GlobalTT.com VSAT Satellite Networks

  • Available nearly anywhere - Rather than relying on the presence of telephone/cable infrastructure for the "last mile," VSAT networks use wireless links to satellites in geosynchronous orbit over the equator. Therefore, they can get broadband access from essentially anywhere that there is a view of the Southern sky - from cities to mountaintops.
  • Access with SLAs - GlobalTT.com services deliver uptime (guaranteed with SLAs) and throughput similar to ADSL or Frame Relay circuits, for prices competitive with other provider in areas where no reliable or private internet connection are available.
  • Out-of-the-box secure networks - GlobalTT.com VSAT networks use encrypted over-the-air data transfer and frequency and time division multiplexing to create out-of-the-box secure networks, with no additional VPN or other overhead required.
  • Unbeatable multicast support - Need to get the same data to tens, hundreds or thousands of locations simultaneously without straining your network? The DVB outbound of GlobalTT.com 's services is native-multicast medium, making it the perfect solution for distributing data, files, video and more with electronic delivery receipts and immediate distribution.
  • Service on the go - GlobalTT.com offers portable, transportable vehicle, maritime VSAT solutions that can be mounted on vehicles or deployed rapidly in fixed locations, then packed up when you move on. Retailers or other businesses with location turnover can take their VSAT service from one location and have it installed at another when needed.
  • Uniform service levels - Unlike DSL (where the speeds/services available are based on infrastructure and distance from your telco Central Office), VSAT offers the ability to deliver the exact same speed/service level to every single one of your locations - even internationally! –mainly rely to the real usage and subscription type.
  • Full-time or part-time services - GlobalTT.com's VSAT offerings include standard full-time services as well as usage-based services that allow you to pay only for what you need. This makes VSAT the most cost-effective choice for backup networks.
  • Centralized network management - Because of the hub-and-spoke architecture of VSAT networks, GlobalTT.com can control the entire network from one of its redundant earth station locations. This means that we can provide firewalling, virus scanning, intrusion detection, network management and more for an entire customer network in a completely centralized fashion. (call for options)
  • Built-in support for retail applications - GlobalTT.com VSAT networks include easy, built-in support for common retail applications such as point of sale devices, fast credit/debit authorization, and more - without the need for third-party hardware or software solutions!
  • Physically diverse path for backup - Another reason that GlobalTT.com VSAT services are perfect for backup/failover connectivity is their use of a completely diverse physical path for transmission. Instead of relying on a single phone conduit or Central Office as a point of failure for their primary and backup connections, companies can use VSAT for a critical additional level of redundancy.

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