iFast® (Pro version)

The NEW V-Sat(VSAT) iFast® is the best and the most up-to-date Internet satellite access and high-speed internet solution on the market Africa, Central Europe, Middle-East.
Our satellite equipment is "plug-&-play" and can even be installed and activated, commissioned 24/7 by yourself.
Solar panels to power our VSat system, available
  • Vsat Up to 10.5Mbps on the receive
  • Vsat Up to 1Mbps on the transmit
  • Vsat offers 512 TCP Connections
  • DVB-S2 ACM satellite access
  • 2 VLAN, on the satellite internet modem
  • Star satellite internet connectivity
    • Up to 30Mbps receive
    • Up to 1Mbps transmit
    • 2048 TCP Connections
    • DVB-S2 ACM
    • 8 VLAN
    • 128gb Onboard Proxy with Dynamic caching. 
    • 2x PLL transmiter
    • High level packet and data process / acquisition
  • Up to 50Mbps receive
  • Up to 25Mbps transmit
  • Dual MF-TDMA/SCPC carrier
  • high availability DVB-S2 ACM inbound and outbound
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