Satellite Internet Vehicle IP Solution


  • Low profile and slim antenna (height = 19cm)
  • Minimal power consumption
  • 55W only (+8W for controller)
  • Ruggedized Radome
  • Polycarbonate LEXAN
  • Mature and well proven technology
  • Large installed base > 1000 units deployed since 2006 till today
  • Integrated and implemented with GlobalTT VSAT terminals
  • Simple and easy installation
  • Quick acquisition and continuous tracking
  • Closed loop using satellite carrier
  • Using internal gyro sensors
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  • DoD (Government and military) : Strategic military advantage by supporting real-time intelligence transfer while on-the-move
  • Emergency, First Responders & Disaster Recovery : State and local emergency response, independent from vulnerable terrestrial infrastructure
  • Public Security : Reliable transfer of real time data during high-stakes and high-pace situations
  • Border Control : Monitoring and regulating the country’s borders (illegal immigration, smuggling, etc.)
  • Mobile Cellular Tower Application : Instant back-haul communication following collapse of terrestrial communication and infrastructure

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