GlobalTT is a Private satellite Teleport and satellite communication Earth Station located in Belgium Brussels offer Vsat technology which are used in locations (as Libya) where terrestrial Internet connection and/or voice access is not available, not reliable, not good enough, or for security/privacy reasons. The communication via satellite is available worldwide but mainly from our three(3) very strong Ku-band footprint in Libya including maritime vessels application at sea, mobile land vehicles. but mainly for land fixed based fixed usage for Small and medium offices (SOHO/SME) and industry in Libya .

GlobalTT as a Professional Internet Service Provider, offers internet and telephony services directed towards all types of  users from end-users to ISP's and Telco's in Libya

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Video Surveillance

The most popular satellite service in Libya is our Vsat iFast broadband two-way satellite internet service (VSAT system) which provides quality access to the internet directly from our Brussels satellite Vsat private teleport for all the deeper accessible areas. It not only provides a satellite internet access connection but also a wide range of additional services and unique development which make us offering a satellite Vsat connectivity extremely affordable and flexible in term of subscription. It is an ideal solution, if you want to start a local network in your new site (mining, agriculture, timber, etc…). GlobalTT provides in Libya the following services:

  • Two way internet satellite broadband access,
  • Vsat shared access and dedicated access
  • VSAT (V-SAT) Private Network,
  • Broadcasting services,
  • SVNO (VNO) and many more.

Iridium / Thuraya / Inmarsat / BGAN

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Thuraya / Inmarsat / BGAN

GlobalTT provides in Libya new mobile & portable services. BGAN delivers seamless network coverage across most of the world's landmass. Users are able to get broadband internet  access wherever they go, not just in major cities or airports. BGAN is currently accessible in Libya, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, North and South America.

Usually the VSAT iFast in Libya is better for permanent base fixed station, where it is at least 50 time less expensive in usage and twice less expensive in investment than the GlobalTT BGAN, where the BGAN  is a little more expensive in term of investment but is usually in Libya cheaper than the 3/4G cell phone and fully portable reliable and extremely easy to set-up and use.

This technology is perfect for short stay or back-up








Transport Freight






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