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    Introducing SponSorLink Program
    Get a change to earn Internet Points by introducing your contacts.
    Exclusive to GlobalTT subscribers.
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    Share to your Affiliates
    We strive to bring the best Satellite Internet across Middle-East and Africa.
    Quality service + Internet Points rewards awaits you!
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    Over 1000+ Satisfied Users
    Our satellite communication is available all over Africa, Middle-East and Europe.
    We are offering a satellite Vsat connectivity extremely affordable
    and flexible in term of subscription.
SponSorlink is a GlobalTT program to reward valued customers

We value our customers, GlobalTT clients will have the oppurtunity to earn Internet Points by becoming a Sponsor to their friends and collegues.

European Satellite Operator

GlobalTT is a private satellite earth station located in Brussels / Belgium. We offer high speed internet connectivity using Vsat satellite technology. Extremely affordable and flexible in term of subscription.

What is VSAT?

A Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) is a device - known as a small private earth station - that is used to transmit & receive data signal through a satellite. The "very small" component of the VSAT acronym refers to the size of the VSAT dish antenna -typically about 4 feet (1.2 m) diameter- that is mounted on a roof, or placed on the ground.


GlobalTT covers an area which starts from Islamabad-Pakistan to Cuba and from the North of Sweden to Cape Town in South Africa.

Welcome To SponsorLink

GlobalTT SponSorLink program is exclusive for GlobalTT clients. If you are a subscriber of GlobalTT, you are entitled to become a Sponsor. As a Sponsor, all you need to do is refer your friend, collegues or contact(s). Once they become a GlobalTT subscribers , you will be entitled to earn Internet Points and discounts.
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